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John North Evolvepreneur

Discover The New Revolution in Community-Based eLearning and Marketing Solutions for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Podcasters, Publishers and Mastermind Groups.

Traditional eLearning and Coaching Systems are non-interactive and too rigid for the busy and distracting lifestyles of today’s students and clients.

We have struggled with providing clients with even a basic business system without having to subscribe to numerous unrelated software platforms. Because there is no simple, central way to manage all of these different implementations, it quickly becomes a tangled web of cobbled-together plugins, workarounds, and synchronizations.

Today the doors to membership have opened and I’m so excited to start helping all our new members achieve focus and growth and 2021.

If you’re an online entrepreneur, coach, consultant or author trying to find your best buyers and produce results with not a lot of effort then you’re going to want to check this out.

If you sign up now as one of our Mastermind founder members, then not only do you get the best price the membership will ever be, but you also get access to our Premium LinkedIn Marketing System valued at $500 per month for 3 months completely free!

Check out now to find out more and become a founder member!

So we have bundled all our stuff into 3 distinct levels into insanely low prices!   

The Mastermind level is strictly limited and we plan to increase the price substantially after we get our first round of members.

  • FreePreneur – this is your starter level and we have a lot of bonus material valued at thousands of dollars. We include various courses and workbooks plus a day pass to our Evolvepreneur Summit
  • Evolvepreneur – this is our first paid monthly level with extra bonuses valued at over $1,500 including ebooks and masterclasses.
  • Evolvepreneur Mastermind – our premium monthly level is designed to add over $15,000 worth of extra value including Q&A Calls, Access to our full mastermind course as well as LinkedIn Marketing Services valued alone at $500 per month.

So if you would like to join me and build a bigger and better 2021 please check out our new membership options, at the very least join at the free level and consider the paid ones after that.And if you have any questions at all about what is and how it could benefit you, just hit reply to this email and let me know and I’ll get right back to you.See you on the inside!

Talk soon,

John North

7 Time #1 International Best-Selling Author
USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

CEO – Evolvepreneur Pty Ltd

Some of Our Websites: 

Evolve Systems Group Pty Ltd  ABN: 51098121343  | PO Box 327 | Stanhope Gardens NSW Australia 2768 | 1300 889 383

Here is an example of what a typical entrepreneur needs in their business system to be successful in today’s highly-competitive marketplace:

  1. A great mobile-ready website that tightly integrates your podcast channel and blogs.
  2. Ability to email your subscribers when new content is available, such as your latest podcast.
  3. Create a highly-engaged community for your clients and prospects that can give them extra value behind a secure login.
  4. The ability for your visitors to buy your products/services on the same site and handle the delivery on whether to serve up a download or ship a physical product. Also, you may wish to have multiple payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal.
  5. They all end up in your back-end membership area, which includes all their invoices, downloads and bonus content. No fumbling around with separate websites and different logins!
  6. Ability to create a recurring membership system where you can charge them monthly, yearly, etc. 
  7. Courses where your members can learn online at their own pace. A course system allows them to progress as they do each lesson, not necessarily on a weekly release schedule where they could easily get behind and give up.
  8. What about assigning tasks and quizzes to your course? No longer do they need to download a worksheet PDF they never actually complete. You can see all their answers, which means you also know where they are at in the course schedule.  No one is left behind!
  9. This means you can also coach them based on their task list.
  10. Then, of course, you may want different front-end websites but don’t want to have them all operate in their own ecosystem. With Evolvepreneur, you can have as many front-end sites as you like and they all can lead back to one single back end community, meaning they are all a part of the same ecosystem.  
  11. What about a powerful analytics reporting system so you can see exactly where your web traffic is coming from and what they’re clicking on?
  12. single dashboard to run your business, know your marketing numbers, create content and manage your business.
  13. A business procedure system so your staff and outsourcers can run your processes the same way every time.
  14. A Customer Service system including a ticket system to track and ensure all your customers are provided quality service.
  15. Create an easy system for your referrers or affiliates to share your products and services and be rewarded.
  16. What if you wanted to create a mastermind group? Evolvepreneur has the ability to group people together and map out a logical progression and access to Q&A calls, group tasks, and results.
  17. A Marketing Module to trigger emails or actions based on your prospect’s behavior, as well as help them progress through your courses.
  18. project management system to help you and your team manage your own projects.

How long to do you think this would take to implement? Maybe a year! We have been there. It’s not easy, and we would probably have been forced to use 4-5 systems just to manage all of these different features.

But this is the vision for Evolvepreneur. In as little as 90 days, you will have a fully functional business system that would normally have taken years to create.

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