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Resistance is futile in 2021 Actionism it.

It is our human nature to fight back, we have a knee-jerk reaction to things and we like to be argumentative and be right. This, unfortunately, gets us nowhere, so why don’t we try a different approach in 2021.

We know we are still in this pandemic, we know we are in transition in our personal lives, in industries, and in economics. So fighting against it is futile. This is the time to ask ourselves, what are we going to do, what have we learned, and how are we going to seed opportunities for 2021?

Every thing, even disasters have a reason, some times it is to change our directions, sometimes a lesson about our selves we need to learn, but it is always about us having the ability to make the changes we need to move forward and not drag our selves down by what has been.

2020 was a time of reflection, a time to review our lives and go into ourselves and feel what we want for our future. A time to step up and be counted and in heart and kindness and help each other on this windy rocky path. We have so much to be grateful for, but when in fear, doubt, hysteria we can not see the gifts before us.

2021 is a year of nurturing those seeds you planted, watering, and allowing them to grow. It is a time to allow and open up to change and when you come from the heart space, your mind sees things differently and you feel more enriched by what is possible and what is growing within and around you.

This transformation of humanity still has about 4 more years to grow. If we come together and stop fighting each other, and start listening to the inner voice, we will see in how we can make the changes and why we need to, for if we do not, this planet and the source of universal energy, will change it for us and it will be a harder ride than even 2020.

So let us rise up to the occasion and be the change the world needs, be the strength and solution we need in our own lives. FOR IF NOT YOU WHO? We can not wait for others to do it for us anymore, we must be proactive in our own lives and community in order to thrive and rise up to greater heights.

Sara Troy

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We are the leaders in our own life

by Sara Troy

Most of us are at a crossroads in life not knowing where to go or how to read the signs before us.


The journey forward is personal but also collective, the more we include those that can enable us the more cohesive and stronger the path will be. But who are the leaders that will safely guide us forward in our collective energy which will unite the world?
Can we turn to the leaders of today, the religious realm, the politicians, the governments and health sector, can we trust them to lead us mind body and soul? By past experience the answer is a resounding NO.
Three things wrong with our leaders today, Ego, lack of integrity and their fear of losing control. They may start off with good intent, but the contamination of what has been before is just too deep and they cannot escape the sewage of economic greed that governs this world. It is time for a complete rebuild from the start up and the principles that guide the new leaderships have to be serving the individual in order to serve the collective. Help the one to stand tall and you will help the world stand firm and strong.

No matter the advances we make in technologies innovations or cosmic awareness, we are as humans dumb. Fear, greed, insecurity and a longing to belong dictates our very way or life. We don’t care who gets hurt along the way as long as it isn’t us. We fear that we have to make a choice in our own lives because we are conditioned to follow like sheeple blindly walking into slaughter without any accountability to our own lives. But when we don’t like the results, we sit there crying over how hard done by you are and blame someone else, never ourselves.

Collective conciseness is about knowing and being aware of soul, true connected self, heart, honesty and a desire to learn more to enable the world to unite in a belief (not a religion) but a faith in mankind to do the right thing for ones fellow man and this wondrous world we live in. It is about standing up taking ownership to be willing to be vulnerable and trust, simple trust and extend the hand to another with care understanding and a desire to help them move forward into their own awareness and freedom.
When we had to count on each other for survival security and joy as a village, one took time to make sure everyone was in harmony because it served the whole village. Someone needed help the village was there, they shared in good times as well as bad and shared happiness in truth in sincere joy also.

NO this is not pie in the sky idea, those that spurn this concept that are a big part of the problem. They have bought into it is all bloody miserable so you can’t do anything about it so why try. Those people never solve anything because they have already given up and are as much dead weight at the ones that caused the problems. Just to sit there and spout what is wrong and how everyone is f—ked serves no one without a solution to the problem. No one wants to hear how bad it is but wants to know how to make it better, we are all very much aware of the wrongs in the world but how do we solve the problem without walking the same path as the leaders did?
Choices, free will belief, action, and commitment. It is all up to us. If we take ownership of our own thoughts, actions and beliefs, then we become a part of the solution. It takes YOU to make this a better world, not a world leader. You cannot complain if you do nothing to help out. Life living action is all about attitude. Do you believe in anything? do you do anything to make things better? Do you speak to hope? Do you think positive thoughts? Do you look to the brightness of life or do you buy into the misery? Your life is your choice, your action your belief, so if it is not living up to expectation then do something about it.

We are the leaders of the world, one positive person with belief and in commitment to take action to make your day better and passing the good vibration on. If we stand in our own truth, speak from the heart, speak with integrity, do not take things personally but do our very best to make our own lives a better place to live in, if we don’t judge or assume but listen and feel, we one by one make this a better world to live in.

It is up to you, are you a world leader in your own life? Are you a solution to your own problems, are you a person who is willing to give of themselves to help others. Are you a person who lives in belief? Are you a person who gives a dam? Are you a person who is willing to act of your belief and make your life better in order to make those around you lives better?
Simply put are you a part of the solution or the problem? Only you in your honesty can speak to this, and it is only your action that can lead to inner and outer balance, it is up to you, so what are you going to do about it? And when are you going to act on it?
You want to talk about it email me I would love to hear from you.
Good luck

Sara Troy

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