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Self Discovery Community is always looking for people who have a story that inspires us and or services that enable mankind to embrace their true authentic potential and inner loving beauty.

We learn best from those who have journeyed before us and who have gained skills and tools and created programs that help others on their life’s journey.

It may be a book, a story of courage and strength,  knowledge to guide humanity forward, that help us to be the best we can be.

Come make a difference in the lives of others with your wise knowledge.

We offer two options for your shows with us

This Discovery Media Network is dedicated to your stories, your abundance that you share with the world, with a full library of wisdom here on Self Discoveries Discovering Communities platform, your show never dies, and we will keep on nurturing it for all those who choose to hear it. We are a podcast- Vlog network airing new shows every Tuesday and archived shows are made available and easy to find.

We cover any and all of these genres, Music, the Arts, Books, Coaching, Business, Children, Spirit, ALL Health, Energy Healing, Mental, Physical, Addictions, Self Motivation, Conscious Business, Eco solutions and so much more, take a look at your Podcast lineup to see what we cover.

Your show will be featured in the topic genre. Your show with Sara Troy and is an hour-long (always allow longer for tech reasons) We give you a full show page on your profile, the topic info, your bio and pictures, and all media links. The Video Podcast of the interview is all on your show page from the air date.

Check out our Guest Hosts, you may choose your guest host, all who have experience in hosting as there may be someone who fits your genre more. Coming soon.

Pricing in US funds.

  • Your “Why” Guest Show ( stands on its own) is $125.00  10% off for April

  • Mentors show and annual membership is $300.00 (if you have to have done a why show with us first) 10% off for April

  • The total package of Why show, and Mentors plus Annual fee = $435.00. 10% off for April

  •  Annual Members fee for Mentors is $195.00 and is Renewable a year from when your Mentors show first aired.

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