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Viral Awakening – As I drive around and see all the Blossoms in bloom, I realize that nature is taking back her planet and that nature will always prevail. The Covid 19 Virus is but and an invitation to wake us up because it is shaking us up to step it up in making massive changes in all … Continue readingViral Awakening

Always there is Good in things. by Dianne Shaver – There’s no dispute dealing with something the scope of an illness circling the globe is difficult, but what if there were some aspects that eventually produce good?  Things I see:  People are actually talking to one another about what they think and feel. Because this virus is circling the globe it shows us, despite a … Continue reading

Always there is Good in things. by Dianne ShaverBe Thankful by Dianne Shaver – Having a cold or anything that takes us out of our routine is something to be thankful for. When you feel so punk that you can’t focus on anything but can only be exactly where you are in the moment. This could be a new form of meditation with the added benefit that you can’t jump right … Continue readingBe Thankful by Dianne Shaver

The Art of Being Still by Author_Joanne_Reed – If you read my blog on a regular basis, you may have seen two recent articles Do you know who you are and Why People Do the Things They Do? Both sound like easy questions, but if you spend a little time reflecting on them, the answers may not be so obvious and are what occupied Ancient Greek philosophers … Continue readingThe Art of Being Still by Author_Joanne_Reed

Mary Tocco – There is so much to earn about Childhood Shots and vaccines in general. Mary has dedicated 30 years of teachers into what is in vaccines and do we need them and is there a better way to boost our immune system instead. Sara Troy interviews Mary over this 4 part series we dive deep into … Continue reading

Mary ToccoWhy Do People Do the Things They Do? by Joanne Reed. – At the end of an otherwise successful interview for a senior position at a new company a candidate was asked, “what motivates you?” Without barely a moment’s hesitation and with a deadpan delivery, he replied “sex, money, and fear.” The room erupted into laughter; it may have cost the candidate the opportunity, but was the … Continue readingWhy Do People Do the Things They Do? by Joanne Reed.

Let us look at life differently this YEAR. – Let us look at 2020 differently, let us see all the possibilities in life, let us care for each other,let us be kind to one another, let us be thoughtful to our planet, let us be mindful of our anger, let us be carefree with our spirit, let us lead with our soul and follow … Continue readingLet us look at life differently this YEAR.

Community Mentors shows – With so many experts in so many fields that have been interviewed on Self Discovery Media Network,  we have created the Community Mentors Directory to spotlight their expertise for you. You will find our Community Mentors shows here and you can find their Mentors business page to see what they offer you to enhance your life. … Continue readingCommunity Mentors shows

We are of the Human Race – The thing we all have in common on this planet is that we are humans, we all need and want peace in our homes, safety for our families, the right to work, worship and love who we want, the empowerment to build a better life that serves us and each other the whole of mankind. … Continue readingWe are of the Human Race

All Patterns Are Not Equal – by Dianne Shaver. Success Development at “Entrepreneur Mind World”. Being human means that things do not always go well. It’s easy to feel successful and happy when everything is humming along. But what do we do when things go awry? Most of us get angry at circumstances or at ourselves. “How could you be so stupid?” is not an unusual … Continue readingAll Patterns Are Not Equal

The Biggest What If, by Dianne Shaver – Ideas can come from some pretty unexpected places. I was reading a Patagonia catalog which, these days is filled with stories about the outdoor way of life in a very philosophical, insightful way when one hit.In this particular article they talked about those who ski real mountains, not the groomed trails, the really hair-raising sheer drop … Continue readingThe Biggest What If, by Dianne Shaver

Christmas shows we have done. – Christmas shows from Self Discovery MediaRaising money for Charities, what you need to know – GIVING BACK, Paying it forward, Supporting those in need, this is what Non-Profit means. However, raising money for such courses has been a challenge for over 40 years and needs to change now. Don’t confuse Morality over Frugality. It is ok to make money to give away, it is ok to take a salary to … Continue readingRaising money for Charities, what you need to know

Gina Gardener. – Imagine being paralyzed and having the strength and determination to come back from this, learning to walk again as an adult – twice and still achieve the top accolades of your profession. Gina Gardiner’s own story is one of powerful transformation. Genuinely-You Ltd is Gina’s business, providing compelling coaching and training. Her wide range of … Continue readingGina Gardener.

Taoist Meditation: – Taoist Meditation: 8 Taoist Meditation Techniques For Inspiration And Inner Peace Taoist meditation is a powerful practice that originates from ancient China. But how does it work? And how do you practice Taoist meditation? In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know including 8 Taoist meditation techniques, exercises and Tao prayers to expand … Continue readingTaoist Meditation:19-46

Unravelling the thread into Possibilities. – The Changes we make branch of into possibilities. I am heartened by the changes this world is making by ordinary people like you and me, I am uplifted by the hope I see, I am thrilled to be a part of it and my soul is dancing to the good vibrations we are feeling. Let … Continue reading19-46 Unravelling the thread into Possibilities.

“Wife of a Master” by Ala Villanueva. – Excerpt  of Ala’s book “Wife of a Master.”  FALL DOWN, GET UP, FALL DOWN, GET UP Ready, set, fall. I sit in front of these mini-stories scattered on the floor behind me. I am re-reading all the words that linked themselves to each other in aloof observation and mortified introspection. Not wanting to dig into … Continue reading“Wife of a Master” by Ala Villanueva.

Jenny Mannion’s School of Wellness Mastery Course – Do you remember feeling so blissfully happy at some point in your life? – Maybe it was a time in nature. – Perhaps it was a proud or special moment for you or someone you loved. – It could be it a moment where time seemed to stand still and you felt like you didn’t … Continue readingJenny Mannion’s School of Wellness Mastery Course

Fibromyalgia Linked to Gut Bacteria for the First Time – Scientists have found a correlation between a disease involving chronic pain and alterations in the gut microbiome. Fibromyalgia affects 2-4 percent of the population and has no known cure. Symptoms include fatigue, impaired sleep and cognitive difficulties, but the disease is most clearly characterized by widespread chronic pain. In a paper published today in the … Continue readingFibromyalgia Linked to Gut Bacteria for the First Time

HEAL THE WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN – What kind of world are we leaving our children? Can we hand our reign over with pride or with shame? We are in a mess of our own making and it is time to Heal the World for our Children and all living creatures on this wondrous planet. This song by Michael Jackson and put … Continue readingHEAL THE WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN

The Wisdom of Charlie Chaplin – This is Charlie Chaplin at age 26, photographed 100 years ago. It’s believed he wrote the poem below at age 70. As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is Authenticity. As I began to love myself I understood how … Continue readingThe Wisdom of Charlie Chaplin

How Often You Should Vacuum Your Home (and Why According to Experts) – It’s a commonly asked question, and one that everyone has a different answer to; how often should you vacuum? We all have different cleaning methods and routines, but how do we know we are actually doing enough to keep the germs at bay and eliminate dust effectively?   To help you understand more about the importance … Continue readingHow Often You Should Vacuum Your Home (and Why According to Experts)

Living productively with(EDS) and Fibromyalgia + Myofascial – No one wants to be labelled or have others look at us as weak, but when you are living with a decease it is what it is and we have to find a way to live as productively as possible.I have Joint Hypermobility (EDS) and Fibromyalgia + Myofascial pain, I have had it for over … Continue readingLiving productively with(EDS) and Fibromyalgia + MyofascialJoint Hypermobility (EDS) and Fibromyalgia + Myofascial – Could your Fibromyalgia Actually be Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? Fibromyalgia symptoms can overlap with autoimmune diseases and other arthritis conditions making it difficult to diagnose. The defining symptoms of fibromyalgia are often associated with other subjective and objective symptoms which occur in combination. The cause of fibromyalgia is considered as complex as its clinical presentation. The exact cause … Continue readingJoint Hypermobility (EDS) and Fibromyalgia + Myofascial

What Is Fibromyalgia? – Who Gets Fibromyalgia? | Where Does Fibromyalgia Come From? | Long-Term Outlook Ever feel like this? You have achy pain all over your body, especially in your muscles. When you sleep — whether it’s five hours or 14 — you never feel refreshed and you’re always tired. Sometimes you forget where you just put your keys or your brain is … Continue readingWhat Is Fibromyalgia?

Keith Gregory – Energy artist, Soul Coach, Advanced Energy Healer and originator of The Initiatory Journey To Awaken Your Sacred Masculine. I am clairvoyant and medical intuitive, being born highly empathic. Having studied and practiced a wide array of alternative healing and consciousness growth modalities for over 35 years, I have been developing my innate intuitive and healing … Continue readingKeith Gregory

19-23 Self Discovery Media is Six Years Strong and Growing – Sara Troy on Sara’s View fo Life on air from June 4th Where has the time gone, June 4th 2013 I started this network and here we are 6 years later and still growing. It has been my absolute pleasure to interview such incredible people who are making a difference in the lives of others … Continue reading19-23 Self Discovery Media is Six Years Strong and Growing

Grandmother Kaariina’s Teaching Programs – A student writes “This painting depicts a dream I had where Grandmother Kaariina and I were sitting by the Oceanside as she told me the secrets of the sacred blood that lived in the bleeding Cedar tree. This is a very Sacred tree on the unseeded Coast Salish territories where I live, and this dream … Continue readingGrandmother Kaariina’s Teaching Programs

YH19-19 BOB Martin on the Dangers of getting a FLU SHOT – Your Health is your CHOICE with Sara Troy and her guest Bob Martin, on air from May 7th Bob says “I have been Crusading for 6 years for a ‘No Fault Compensation Program’ for people who have been injured or have died from vaccines. I would appreciate the support from people like you to make … Continue readingYH19-19 BOB Martin on the Dangers of getting a FLU SHOT

The Jewel in the Ruins • Sam Hawksmoor  –   Saska heard Cat sneeze, then suddenly there was another rock fall and Cat was gone.  She let go and the boulder crashed down on the empty space below, causing yet more rocks to fall and opening the breach in the wall even wider.‘Cat!’ Saska was staring at an empty space leading into an ante-chamber. … Continue readingThe Jewel in the Ruins • Sam Hawksmoor 

In Memory of Polly Higgins – OUR EARTH PROTECTOR HAS GONE, MAY WE KEEP HER WORK GOING  Polly Higgins was a woman who dedicated her life to saving this planet, due to a nasty cold which led into a breakdown on her lungs, she left us April 21st 2019. Let us keep her memory going by keeping her work going saving … Continue readingIn Memory of Polly Higgins

19-16 Got something special coming to Self Discovery – Sara’s View of Life with  Sara Troy, on-air from April 16th  I have something to share……….but not yet Over the years I have invested and support collaborated and aligned with people in openness and in the belief that we can do wonderful things together. I am always open to trying new things, new ways of … Continue reading19-16 Got something special coming to Self Discovery

18-14 Sara’s Seven Years of Podcasting – Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on-air from April 2rd April 4th is my 7th year of podcasting and I have learnt so much about me and humanity from it. When I was asked to join a podcast network back in April 2012, I was not sure if I could do it. I had … Continue reading18-14 Sara’s Seven Years of Podcasting

On the subject of pain• Sam Hawksmoor In search of Anandamine  – For the last year, I have been struggling to write a novel about pain.  The choice of subject was influenced by a sustained attack of fibromyalgia (a doctor’s guess, he wasn’t sure really) that started first in my legs, then moved to my arms and shoulders and was so acute I could barely dress, and … Continue readingOn the subject of pain• Sam Hawksmoor In search of Anandamine 

The Forgotten and Neglected Children Series – We at Self Discovery Media and Community, we believe we need to care and invest in our children and leave no child behind. In this series here on “Raising on our Gifted Children” shows, we will speak to the need for change in the way we raise and support our children.    FORGOTTEN CHILDREN SERIES … Continue readingThe Forgotten and Neglected Children Series

19-12 From Extrovert to Introvert with Sara Troy – Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from March 19th I have come a long way in the last 8 years from my days of insecurity and self-doubt. I used to be so free-spirited in my youth and lived by my instincts and free will, then life and all the negative experiences took … Continue reading19-12 From Extrovert to Introvert with Sara Troy

Five Ceilings and a Damp Course – Five Ceilings and a Damp Course • Sam North This is the unromantic story of a downsizer who bought a house which promptly fell on his head. It does not star Hugh Grant and any Notting Hill lovely as it is set in the tropical paradise of N. E. Lincolnshire and there were no habitable … Continue readingFive Ceilings and a Damp Course

Let the Light from the darkness show you the way – Having been a person of ill health depression and loss most of my life, I know from my own experience that staying in a vibrational spirituality is the only thing that will get you through. When despair knocks at your door and you feel all is lost, the belief that you will make it through … Continue readingLet the Light from the darkness show you the way

I am Woman and as Whole as I need to Be – In my teachings of soul awareness I find that it is when you teach the woman to embrace womanhood we end up teaching the world what a gift it is to be a woman. I do not want to be a man to own my equality, I do not want to think like a man … Continue readingI am Woman and as Whole as I need to BeProtected:

19-06 2019 The Year of the Piglet – Long ago and still to this day, the Chinese use the Lunar cycle to follow time. The first cycle was introduced in the year 2637 B.C. A complete lunar cycle is 60 years and is made up of 12 cycles. Where the animal signs come in, is when Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to … Continue reading19-06 2019 The Year of the Piglet

Kitiboni Rolle-Adderley – Dr Kitiboni Adderley, affectionately known as Kiti, is a holistic physiotherapist, health coach, educator, and mentor who focuses on cancer and diabetic rehabilitation. This dedicated professional has a magic touch, and combined with her knowledge and experience, makes her one of the best manual therapists in The Bahamas. She is highly trained in myofascial release … Continue readingKitiboni Rolle-Adderley

Sams Holidaying on Queen Mary 2 to New York and Miami – Welcome to this December 2018 edition of Hackwriters. 19 years on-line, 7500+ articles – reviews – stories – travel – share any feature you like and pass them on using the links. Once again celebrating Hello – Hackwriters Best Travel blog 2018 Editorial: What I did on my hols… + Seasons Greetings to all our … Continue readingSams Holidaying on Queen Mary 2 to New York and Miami

Remembering Those That Serve for Us In Life and Death –             To all those that serve us in caring for our safety and wellbeing, THANK YOU We have lost too many to wars, to many to suicide, too many on the roads, in the fires and are now in need of help and but get forgotten. Without those who choose … Continue readingRemembering Those That Serve for Us In Life and Death

ROB SCHEER – Rob Scheer, an ordinary man who saw a need and made the changes happen, which has forever changed the lives of Foster Children.  A FOREVER FAMILY has the power not just to touch hearts, but to change how its readers see and respond to the issues facing their communities.  This stirring memoir ultimately leaves you … Continue readingROB SCHEER

TIME FOR RECONNECTION – LET US ALL RECONNECT Everything that comes into our lives comes for a reason, there is always a lesson to learn. On recently buying a hoodie for my child I found a hole in the pocket, I assumed it was a fault and so wished to return it. In doing so I was given the … Continue readingTIME FOR RECONNECTION

Healing Awakening & Manifestation Summit –  Thank you so much for your interest in our webinar summit!  Lilly Koutcho brings you in this webinar amazing inspirational speakers and experts give short tutorials of the areas of expertise and share the 5 most important keys for success in life. The information is priceless! The intention of the webinar is that you will … Continue readingHealing Awakening & Manifestation Summit

I am changing into My Beingness. – As the song goes, “I am changing becoming who I am meant to be”, but more importantly, knowing who I really am. It has been a long journey, one that has had so many lows with fewer highs, but those highs made it all worth it. But it is not about my past, although the … Continue readingI am changing into My Beingness.

Life-Changing Insight Accessible Through Dreams – 95-99% of dreams disappear from memory upon waking, but despite this, famous inventors throughout history have drawn inspiration from their dreams. Scientific evidence exists that dreams can help diagnose illness. Abundant anecdotal evidence also exists that dreams can influence the path of human history – a strong case for adopting habits to remember dreams. How Dreams … Continue readingLife-Changing Insight Accessible Through Dreams

FEROZE DADA AND THE CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION – Welcome to the Inle Trust Newsletter – September 2018 So much has happened in 2018 ……..and still only halfway through the year Ko Yin Mineral Water Sales Team Education Centre            ‘go beyond even one’s imagination because there is no limit’.  Phongyi A great team can move mountains………The funds raised at the Joseph Calleja opera last year made the dream of setting up … Continue readingFEROZE DADA AND THE CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION

Carolyn Gervais – Carolyn Gervais of “Life Before Life: How Soul Agreements Direct our Destiny”  What force sets life events in motion and puts us on our soul’s destined course? Are lives preordained for specific outcomes; are we just along for the ride? How do we participate in our true destinies without blocking our own way? In “Life … Continue readingCarolyn Gervais

Success & Inspiration Tuesday – Success by Dianne Shaver Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash I had an entirely different blog planned for today.  It all changed when I heard about the mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida.  We are hearing about this way too often.  It got me thinking.  It’s clear we have a government that is not acting.  So, … Continue readingSuccess & Inspiration Tuesday

Manifesting in Today’s World Retreat – Do you Feel overwhelmed? Do you Feel like you can never get ahead? Do you Feel like you never have enough…..of anything? Do you Feel conflict in your Relationships? Ready for Something Different? Would you like to know how to create anything you want in your life? Would you like to master the Science of Manifesting and … Continue readingManifesting in Today’s World Retreat

Remembering To Find Yourself – When was the last time you allowed yourself some quality relaxation time to clear your mind and recharge yourself? By enjoying some meditation or other self-discovery activity, your memory can be maintained, even into advancing years. A study carried out by researchers from the University of California showed that 14% to 22% of those studied had … Continue readingRemembering To Find Yourself

Let’s Get SYNC’D! Team Series – Climate Change has brought us to our knees … Changing the Emotional Climate can bring us to our senses … Welcome to a Self Discovery Media on Eco Solutions genre and the Let’s Get Sync’d series about this sustainable new  “CONSCIOUS RHYTHM ” for an environMentally friendly world 🙂 First, let us look at what … Continue readingLet’s Get SYNC’D! Team Series

British Columbia Lung Association on Asthma with Sara Troy – Meet Sara, who loves life by knowing her limits July 27th, 2018 Meet Sara Troy, a podcaster and producer on Self Discovery Radio/Video from the UK who now lives in Esquimalt, BC. Sara has lived with asthma for her whole life and spoke with BC Lung Patient Advocate Darcy Murdoch about how she’s learned to know her limits … Continue readingBritish Columbia Lung Association on Asthma with Sara Troy

Am I just responding to reality? – Am I sad? Am I mad? Am I depressed? Am I stressed? Or am I just responding to reality? I saw a movie last night called “The Sunset Express” with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel Jackson, it was the best work I have ever seen Samuel do. The premise is around Samuels character saving a … Continue readingAm I just responding to reality?

We need to go from Sad Vibes to Glad Vibes – So many are speaking of sad vibrations right now, a lot of it is the shift of awakening into the heart and some of it is feeling the pain of global despair. This is tempory and not for us to get stuck in, but instead for feeding the Glad Vibes helps us step and soothing … Continue readingWe need to go from Sad Vibes to Glad Vibes

Connecting to Your Intuition MasterClass, Summit! – The time has arrived…. Connecting to Your Intuition MasterClass, summit! Launching: 2 July!  Summit ends 14 July 2018! SIGN UP HERE FOR THIS FREE SUMMIT I want to help you find out where you are at? And if you are at the right place & time for what I will share? Are you feeling stressed … Continue reading Connecting to Your Intuition MasterClass, Summit!

Reflections on Prayer – Reflections on Prayer by Sherry Morgan Sometimes people ask me, “What is prayer?” That happens to be a question I ask the participants who attend the primary program I teach, Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer. Everyone has a different answer, but there is a common thread – that prayer has something to do with … Continue readingReflections on Prayer

Reverend Charles Eduardos – Reverend Charles Eduardos, a minister for over 40-years and who teaches Victorious Living System, says. ” From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. As a professional executive coach, I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients … Continue readingReverend Charles Eduardos

Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit –   Personal Growth Experts Believe That You Can Overcome Anything! Meet these Transformational Coaches and Spiritual Teachers from around the world that have come together to remind you that, YOU CAN HEAL AND MANIFEST YOUR GREATEST LIFE! Overcoming challenges with self-coaching How to reveal, understand and transform yourself Infinite possibilities with experiencing greater love and freedom Access this … Continue reading Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit

Unlimited Power Series featuring Sara Troy – Sara Troy, owner and host of Self Discovery radio and Community Network, is constantly inspired by the interviews she does with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It shows her and her audience just how empowering we can be when we decide to step into our own Self Discovery. Speaker, blog writer and with her own … Continue reading Unlimited Power Series featuring Sara Troy

One Thousand shows and Counting – WOW, One Thousand shows with more to come. What an honour it has been to interview such amazing people from around the globe who are making such a magnificent difference in the world. When I started this journey on Authentic You Media, (have 100 shows there) I had no idea it would take me to my own … Continue reading One Thousand shows and Counting

Grown into my growth – We seem to live our lives by everyone else’s opinions, what you can do should do cannot do, why is that and how do we break that link, how did I break mine? It has been a lifetime battle with myself on trying to live in the Being that I am and trying to please what everyone … Continue readingGrown into my growth

My Island of Truth and Purpose.On Sivana EAST –       Spirituality, Yoga, & Conscious Living I have finally found the island, the place where we seek out our spirit, our purpose our truth. What I did not realize in my journey to fit in, to seek and to find, is that I have been on this island all the time. It is … Continue readingMy Island of Truth and Purpose.

On Sivana EAST

We are the leaders in our own life –   Most of us are at a crossroads in life not knowing where to go or how to read the signs before us. The journey forward is personal but also collective, the more we include those that can enable us the more cohesive and stronger the path will be. But who are the leaders that … Continue reading We are the leaders in our own life

Show-Case Opportunity – Show-Case an Event or Something special and share with the world. Homing in on something special and letting everyone know what it is about, invites the audience to be inspired to participate. Truly sharing your Why, and What you are doing, allows people to connect in resonance and ask for the How, Where and When. We as … Continue readingShow-Case Opportunity

Stress Buster At Home Our Pets. –   Positive paw-steps for future happiness Today, people are under greater pressure to cram more into their lives, every day being a relentless list of calendar events. In this digital age of mobiles and devices, everyone is following a strict schedule with notifications regularly keeping them on track.  Currently, ways to reduce stress are of huge importance. … Continue readingStress Buster At Home Our Pets.

David Essel shows – David Essel, #1 Best Selling Author, TV/Radio Host, Master Business, Relationship & Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Recovery Coach #1 best-selling author says that positive thinking accounts for only 20% of anyone’s success ! And proved it in his new book. Nine-time author, master life coach and national radio host is crowned the “New Leader … Continue readingDavid Essel shows

Standing Strong AND Happy in the Storm with Kimberly Braun –   Say YES to MORE…more freedom, connection, joy, energy and peace Hello my friends, I was reflecting on the idea of ‘more.’ What do you think about the idea of more in life? From one vantage point, if we give into the ever-growing desires that can run in so many directions our quest for more … Continue readingStanding Strong AND Happy in the Storm with Kimberly Braun

Tips from Sally to Guide You on Your Journey of Self-Discovery – Benjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Sometimes we find ourselves completely lost, following a path that has been designed for us in puppet-like fashion. Despite following this meticulously-crafted path we still ourselves in the middle of nowhere without a beacon to … Continue readingTips from Sally to Guide You on Your Journey of Self-Discovery

This Is Why Turmeric Is so Important for Our Health and Well-Being – With certainty, turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the whole world and it has extraordinary culinary and medicinal properties. It has been used in Ayurvedic, Indian, and Chinese medicine for a long period of time. This spice has a unique flavour and a deep yellow colour. People have used it as a … Continue reading This Is Why Turmeric Is so Important for Our Health and Well-Being

Who Will Win This Year’s Oscars? – OSCAR PREDICTIONS FROM BRENT MARCHANT SHOW HERE HERE Who Will Win This Year’s Oscars? It’s that time of year again – time for my predictions of the winners at the annual Academy Awards. Most of the major honours appear fairly clear-cut at this point, with little in doubt. Nevertheless, with that said, here are my … Continue readingWho Will Win This Year’s Oscars?

Looking at life through art by Natasha – ARTS EXPRESSION OF OUR INNER TURMOIL AND LIFE.  Art is so expressive and speaks volumes to where words sometimes lack. I often use one of Natasha’s expressions of art in a posting as it tells the story. Here I am adding my words to my daughter’s art and what her pieces are saying to me. Life … Continue readingLooking at life through art by Natasha

Valentine’s Day Chocolate – Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate. But chocolate can be as good for you as it can be bad for you. Know the difference before you start to indulge. Note: I wrote a book about Chocolate called: Chocolate: the bad, the mediocre and the awesome on . Chocolate is a phenomenal food that has … Continue readingValentine’s Day Chocolate

Robert O. Williams – What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings as love as opposed to just searching for love? We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power and pure heart consciousness. In Love Is the Power, Robert O. Williams leads readers into the intimate journey of … Continue readingRobert O. Williams

My Island of Truth and Purpose. –  by Sara Troy I have finally found the island, the place where we seek out our spirit, our purpose our truth. What I did not realize in my journey to fit in, to seek and to find, is that I have been on this island all the time. It is my home, my place of being, … Continue readingMy Island of Truth and Purpose.

How Tarot Can Help Improve Your Mental Health – The art of Tarot is ancient; practiced to build deep spiritual connections and give us a personal insight into our subconscious. In our modern world, a rise in mental illness has made us more aware of the importance of a healthy mind. As introspection and self-exploration are key practices for a healthy mental state, Tarot reading can … Continue readingHow Tarot Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Belinda Ferrell – Find Your Friggin Joy with Belinda Farrell  Belinda is a Woman who uses ancient Hawaiian teachings to overcome devastating loss, accept responsibility, and find her friggin’ joy. Belinda Farrell has overcome major life challenges—the suicide of her son, complete financial loss, and healing a degenerated spine without surgery. But all was not lost. By using … Continue readingBelinda Ferrell

Toronto I here for a reason, let’s work together. – I have to ask is Toronto telling me that it does not want me here. I have been here six weeks and in that time, I’ve stayed in five places and having to look for a new place now for the end of the month again (my landlady does not like me at home so … Continue readingToronto I here for a reason, let’s work together.

The Pope’s Speech – I am not Catholic but have resonated with Pope Francis and his forward thinking, I feel he brings the spirit and soul back to the church. This was sent to me and his words resonate with me profoundly, may they with you.   Sara Troy Self Discovery Radio

Les Jensen – At New Human Living we help you discover the unlimited potential that is within you now. You are a soul living out this human experience. Trusting your potential and purifying your personal energy persona aligns you with your true authentic power. We are passionate about helping you discover your truth. It is the only thing that can … Continue readingLes Jensen

Rennie Davis Shows – Rennie has been fighting for human and earth rights since the 60’s, his commitment to bringing a New Consciousness and liberated action to humanity is his calling. Here you will find the shows he has done with us and there is more to come. For our Previous shows and Info the-new-humanity-movement-with-rennie-davis -a-new-way-of-living-with-rennie-davies ECO Solutions … Continue readingRennie Davis Shows

Lemons have so many natural cures. – The majority of you are familiar with the traditional uses of lemon, and use it to alleviate a sore throat, or to give a specific flavour to meals. However, the diversity of lemon’s favourable properties far exceeds general knowledge. After reading them all, you will never leave your kitchen without a few lemons. High Blood … Continue readingLemons have so many natural cures.

Horses Helping Cancer Patients – Horses Helping Cancer Patients by Particular Paws | Posted in Health & Wellness and Horse | January 02, 2017 Winston Churchill once said, “[t]here is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” He couldn’t have spoken truer words when it comes to horsemanship as therapy for cancer patients and survivors. People have long recognized … Continue readingHorses Helping Cancer Patients

FROZEN LEMON MORE POWERFUL THAN CHEMOTHERAPY – It turns out that the best way to consume lemons is to first freeze them and then eat them along with their peel. It seems that we’ve been making a terrible mistake when it comes to lemons because the lemon peel is actually much more health benefits than the fruit and we have been throwing … Continue readingFROZEN LEMON MORE POWERFUL THAN CHEMOTHERAPY

Korrine Holt – Author of Poetic Ascension: Attuned to Love and creator of Poetry with Benefits video series, Korrine Holt has merged her experiences as an artist and writer with wisdom gleaned from her journey of awakening. Listening to the call of her soul, she weaves art and poetry into a tapestry of universal teachings. Intimate with both distress and deep contentment, … Continue readingKorrine Holt

My Leap of Faith, Trusting the Universe with my Mission – So what is on my mind? Well, a lot, I have made a commitment to go to Toronto to further the radio stations cause and I have no idea where to start except to land there. I KNOW CRAZY YES? But it is a gut feeling, I believe the people I need to further Self … Continue readingMy Leap of Faith, Trusting the Universe with my Mission

Sheri Fink – Author Sher Fink has been interviewed here a few times with us, here you will find her shows, do enjoy them. story-telling-at-its-best-with-sheri-fink the-whimsical-world-of-sheri-fink stories-dreams-that-invite-educate-and-ignite-our-world sheri-fink-derek-taylor-kent-on-authoring-childrens-books  

Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain – What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia (FM) was recognized as a true syndrome (now upgraded to a disease) by the American College of Rheumatology in 1990. FM is thought to exist in 2% to 3% of the population. It occurs in both men and women and women are affected 6 to 9 times more often than men. … Continue readingFibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain

SDE 17-40 SDE Author Dr Amelia Kemp – Self Discovery’s EBook series author Dr Amelia Kemp, hosted by Sara Troy. Dr. Amelia Kemp, Ph.D, LMHC, Holistic psychotherapist and Founder of UR2-GLOBAL self-esteem platform. As a psychotherapist and ordained metaphysician, I am often asked what I’ve learned and gathered in my own personal journey about the true self that might uplift another soul. As … Continue readingSDE 17-40 SDE Author Dr Amelia Kemp

HURRICANE VACATIONS IN FLORIDA – Hurricane Irene • Sam North –  What kind of people would wait for a bus in a Hurricane? O.K. aside from the Hurricane, how was Florida? Alright aside from the $160 speeding fine, how was Florida? O.K. aside from all your photos going missing, how was Florida? Someone asked Kit, who was my trusty companion on said jaunt to Florida on … Continue readingHURRICANE VACATIONS IN FLORIDA – Hurricane Irene • Sam North

Jim Carrey doesn’t exist anymore – By Duarte Garrido, Entertainment Reporter. Carrey has always been a layered, intriguing actor – but a new documentary and a radical approach to life have made him eternal. What is it with truly great comedians, that they spend most of their lives trying to figure out who they really are? Buster Keaton, Andy Kaufman, Robin … Continue readingJim Carrey doesn’t exist anymore

Kechi – Kechi Okwuchi is a woman of strength courage and inspiration, Kechi is an example to all of us on the gift of life and living it in any and every way you can. My shows with Kechi have been ones of such warm and illuminating inspiration, that they have stayed with me deep in my heart. Come … Continue readingKechi

ADDICTION – Addiction comes in many forms, it is not only drugs or alcohol, but it is also a state of mind trying to flee, or feed the heart and soul. Here are some shows that address addictions in their many forms and how people found their way out of them. These are shows done on addiction, please do share … Continue readingADDICTION

Freelance Journalist Writes Ice Cold Open Letter to Trump That Is Officially Breaking the Internet! [Read Here]letter – Freelance journalist and entrepreneur Tucker Benedict just wrote an open letter to Trump to remind him what it means to be American.  Benedict’s message has officially set the internet on fire!  Read it below: Donald Trump, My family immigrated to the United States of America on the third boat after the Mayflower. Our heritage precedes any records … Continue readingFreelance Journalist Writes Ice Cold Open Letter to Trump That Is Officially Breaking the Internet! [Read Here]letter

This is my Body – This is one of my older shows on another network, but his message is so powerful I feel it need to be shared here. This message is even more today. Come join us by clicking on posting below.  On You’re Important To Sara: Jason Stefaniak Film Producer of  “This is my Body” video empowering women … Continue readingThis is my Body

This is why dogs follow you into the bathroom. I never knew this! – Having a loyal pup in the household certainly ensures an incredible amount of love from dog to owner, in a true “man’s best friend” fashion. Understanding your dog is fairly easy and it’s not hard to understand your pup wants to give you some delightful bits of love with kisses, but dogs can often behave … Continue reading This is why dogs follow you into the bathroom. I never knew this!

The prophecy was written 72 years ago.. and it’s absolutely mind-blowing! – Peter Konstantinov Deunov, also known as Beinsa Douno, born in 1886 and who later passed away in 1944, left a prophecy that he had obtained through a trance based state. The prophecy was therefore dated as 1944, a few days before his death in December that year. The prophecy Beinsa Douno left fits right into the … Continue reading