Business Development

It does not matter what business we are in we all need some help in some departments. Here we offer you some tutorials on Zooming, Podcasting, Marketing, and site presence.

Be Our Guest. 

With a free interview (we accept donations) you get a placement on 4 sites and across 9 different social media and 11 audio and 2 video platforms.

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Becoming a Podcaster.

Not everyone is cut out for it, and you have to have a passion for the stories that others wish to share with you. You need to give them a safe space in which to divulge their wisdom and spark the interest of your audience by asking the right questions. There is an etiquette to it, and remember it is not all about you.

Need a tutorial on becoming a podcaster? we are there for you. Setting up with us or on our own.

With this, we include setting up a banner/logo for your show and the does and don’ts of interviewing. Technics and equipment and interviewing skills. How to find your guests and a template of guests information.

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Everyone is Zooming, but did you know there was a professional set up for zoom that can maximise your business? Shahiroz Walji can set you up and guide you in understanding all the ways you can zoom your business into serving your team and your clients. She also has many other programs like marketing, and more. Do check her out below.

For more information on what Shahiroz offers please GO HERE

Shows advertising package

To promote your show further across social media

$50.00 monthly on all social media and our 4 sites.

Podcast Transcripts. Your show can be transcribed and will feature on your show page and also on the Blog page.

$ 55.00


Are you having an event? we can promote your event (alone with your show) on our events page, which gets featured in our newsletter and social media. (Inclusive with Mentors/Practitioners/podcast books memberships.



Hosting can be so much fun and we wish to make it easy for you, all you do is get your guest to fill out the guest form, interview them on Zoom and send all info to us, we do the rest.

Four shows a month $ 200.00 US based on a calendar month

Two shows a month $100.00 US. By-weekly shows.


We want to support our insightful guests with our Community Mentors /Practitioners Membership Directory that is comprised of you the experts who have shared your WHY with us through our interviews. You are skilled professions that aim to help those who are transitioning into a redirection of their lives with your knowledgeable skills and tools such as our interviews with you, a business page on your services, your videos, coaching programs, and wholistic wellness plus more services.

You get a Why interview on your story, and a show on your business plus your own business page under Mentors/Practitioners directory for a 12 month period, with an annual renewal subscription, and up to 6 features a year on Events and monthly updates.

$348.00 US

The annual fee is $168.00 US

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Do you wish to write for us? Your article will be featured across 3 sites.

$8.00 a time, you provide all content.


We are branching out into Podcast books. Each book will have a theme and you can contribute a chapter which will be a book, e-book and audiobook. This is a marketing platform for the contributor, and funds raised from the books goes back onto the Fund-Action program, where we subsidise the fees of our Mentors/Practitioners. of which an author will belong.

The books will be promoted on Events with a collective video of authors, our Books shop and across all our sites and social media. You will also be featured as a Mentor/Practitioner and receive all those benefits also.


Coming up over the next few months you will see summits on energy, healthy lifestyles, business, books and more. 

Collaborations are key in today’s business world, and only by supporting each other can we grow soundly. Come and affiliate with us and let us be the support we all need form each other.

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