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Joahanne Dodon

Life Force Energy with Johanne Dodon

Life Force Energy is an invisible natural phenomenon that supports life on earth.

Every living person has Life Force Energy within them.  For reasons known and unknown, humans have pinched themselves off of the natural flow and they lack the energy to reach their maximum potential.

Like a computer being connected to a Dial-up internet connection, humans are suffering a similar plight with Life Force Energy resulting in low energy, low consciousness and much suffering in this world.

Johanne’s ability to harness Life Force Energy and connect people to their own limitless source of energy is like upgraded the computer to High-Speed internet or Fiber internet.

Enhancing the Life Force Energy in a person’s totality enhances that person’s potential resulting in breakthroughs in all areas of life.



Programs for individuals that have made an educated decision to change their lives in a meaningful way!

By enhancing the connection to the God of your understanding, the flow of Life Force Energy increases in your totality.  With more Life Force Energy in your life, you will recognize and enjoy Divinely aligned guidance and support in whatever you are doing.

Increasing the flow of Life Force Energy is not a small thing, it is everything!


The Enhancement Programs are delivered during sleep when the recipient is the most receptive.  Choose from three different levels.

Level 1 will support you in a time of a specific need.

Level 2 will bring support to your life in the areas that are most important to your overall wellbeing.

Level 3 will impact every area of your life including the people in your close environment that will feel the benefits through the ripple effect.   This is the most effective due to the daily enhancements you will receive.


Helping parents and caregivers provide support to the people that depend on them for their wellbeing and survival is the focus of the Support Programs.  Pets, big and small will enjoy the Life Force Energy Enhancement provided during the daily Support Program.


Designed to help individuals transform their personal life, family life, and business life, the Innovation Programs offers a personalized approach to assess, identify strengths and weaknesses and implement innovative solutions that will result in permanent changes.

Business Life Innovation Program

Business Energy Analysis – an innovative way to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

By conducting a Business Energy Analysis of your business, you will identify the strong areas that are keeping you in business and also the weak areas that have the potential of taking you down.

Everyone and everything emits a level of energy.  All areas of your business including management, operations, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, building, curb appeal, website, marketing material, price model, delivery method, campaigns, packaging, message, events, and everything else have a certain level of energy.  The higher the level the more success it will have.

The strong areas are great, and the objective is to have all areas of business emanating strong positive energy. The weak areas, however, can be the root cause of a multitude of problems and need attention to shift or enhance the energy.

Most women entrepreneurs lead very busy lives.  Multitasking and juggling between roles and have little time to analyze or feel the energy of their business.

Johanne has 30 years of experience conducting Business Analyst and she has studied Energy and Consciousness for the last decade. She can provide business intelligence at a level that most entrepreneurs do not understand and therefore never implement in their business giving you a competitive advantage.

Johanne also offers an evidence-based option for researchers looking for an innovative solution that has the potential of stunning their industry.


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Anna Orlinska Mentor

Weight Loss is not only about losing pounds but about losing the emotional weight we carry around that is blocking our well beingness.

Anna intuitively brings us to a place of self love by taking us through the process of self-discovery and letting go of what does not serve us and helping us ignite the gifts that lay within us.

Anna says “I lead through example – both in my own personal habits – and through my work helping others do the same.”  

In my youth, my wakeup call came after a failed suicide attempt. 

I decided to choose life. I decided to not only choose life but a happy one.  It was from that choice that I began my journey towards true holistic health: mind, body, and spirit.

As journeys are, it wasn’t seamless along the way.  However, because my choice to live a happy life was so absolute,  I was able to overcome copper toxicity, depression, weight gain, eating disorders, abusive relationships, and negative self-image as well as the stresses of being a single mother of two.  I lead through example and though each experience may have been challenging in the moment, each was a gift as they provided me with opportunities for growth and the opportunity to learn the tools I now use to coach others.

My daughters are the big why behind what I do.  My struggles with depression, unhealthy eating habits, and weight gain began in childhood.  My biggest motivation is to give them the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their own self-growth so that they don’t have to go through the same struggle I did. 

Through my professional training and certifications in counseling, holistic life coaching, sports nutrition, personal training, Reiki and my own spiritual intuition – I offer personalized and progressive healing programs, nutrition guides and workouts – along with support in the emotional, mental, and spiritual journey that comes with healing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I also have the amazing privilege of working with and alongside Rick Fischer, C.H.H.C; H.T.M.A.P (internationally respected HTMA advisor and mentor; Certified Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner, a global authority on copper toxicity, and Nutritional Educator and founder of Mineral Mastery education). Rick creates one of the most comprehensive and personalized HTMA-based nutritional client reports and protocols that listens to each person’s symptoms and targets their specific bio-individual mineral imbalances.

When we clear negative beliefs and messages, raise our energetic vibration and choose to live from our authentic selves, while at the same time support our physical body through individualized nutrition and mineral balancing (minerals regulate nearly every function of our body and imbalances affect us both physically and psychologically) our ability to lead an active happy lifestyle becomes easier, automatic and fun.

In combining our unique background and experiences (a personal experience that made what we do come from our hearts), and training, we proudly offer a complete and holistic program (body, mind, and spirit) for supporting women reach optimal health, self-love, high energy and vibration, vitality and happiness. 

It is my mission and passion to help women reach their place of optimal health, self-love, life happiness, and to feel incredible living an incredible life!

Free Giveaways:

Free Health Discovery Session:

Are you or anyone you know feeling frustrated with your health? Have you gone to the doctor only to hear that everything looks good and they don’t have the answers leaving you feeling frustrated, lost, unheard, and uncared for? Do you feel that you know something isn’t right but you just can’t find the answers? Are you tired and frustrated about being tired and frustrated?

If this is you or someone you know, I invite you to book in with me for a free Health Discovery


In this session, we will go over your symptoms and introduce you to your mineral and energetic health. I promise that in this session you will FINALLY not only feel heard and get some relief but also get the answers to how you can finally begin your journey to healing, feeling better, and thriving in your life!

Book your Free 1-hour Breakthrough Session:

Facebook Group: Copper IUD & Toxicity Education and Support

Free Giveaways:

Facebook Group: Weight Loss through “Happiness First” – A support group for women.

The purpose of this group is to provide genuine weight loss and diet tips while offering support and education.

I started this group as part of my personal mission and passion to help women reach their place of optimal health, self-love and life happiness. I believe that the messages we receive from advertising, entertainment and our culture are damaging, and this group is my project to bring some light and awareness.

* Stress-Free * Energy & Vitality * Happiness * Empowerment & Confidence * Healthy Living *Weight Loss

This group will provide:

  1. Education:  Get tips & tricks and real advice from experts
  2. Motivation:  Participate in challenges that help motivate
  3. Support:  A safe and friendly place to share your stories and is coming up for you while receiving safe and genuine support and to share and offer your support to others.




Come and hear all the wisdom that guides us towards a more meaningful life and a better world. You can find different ways to listen and see the Podcast shows here.

Soundcloud  ITunes  iHEART  Anchor Youtube

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Rachel Kelsch

Balanced Well beings

A little about ourselves.

​Here at Balanced Well Beings we….accomplish health goals every day! We create a community for your health and overall well being. We put our expertise to work for you and your body to create a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual place of health, that you have never seen before. We get results! We give you answers!

We help to heal clients from chronic illness and teach them to become their own wellness boss.

We help to heal clients from chronic illness and teach them to become their own wellness boss.

In this  series Wellness Boss experience (6 weeks of online in-depth training and weekly coaching)

We offer In office healing sessions

Remote Phone sessions. Online training, online at and instagram @ balanced_well_beings  

Week 1- How to fill deficiencies to avoid disease?

Week 2-How to find the right nutrition and customize your diet?

Week 3-The truth behind weight loss and weight gain?

Week 4-How to create an intuitive connection with your body?

Week 5-VIRUS! Why it is the cause of your symptoms and how to start healing!

Week 6-How to finally conquer depression and anxiety?


Co-Author of the 30/30 Rules

The 30/30 Rules What I wish I knew In My 20’s By 30 Women In Their 30’s


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John North Evolvepreneur

Discover The New Revolution in Community-Based eLearning and Marketing Solutions for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Podcasters, Publishers and Mastermind Groups.

Traditional eLearning and Coaching Systems are non-interactive and too rigid for the busy and distracting lifestyles of today’s students and clients.

We have struggled with providing clients with even a basic business system without having to subscribe to numerous unrelated software platforms. Because there is no simple, central way to manage all of these different implementations, it quickly becomes a tangled web of cobbled-together plugins, workarounds, and synchronizations.

Today the doors to membership have opened and I’m so excited to start helping all our new members achieve focus and growth and 2021.

If you’re an online entrepreneur, coach, consultant or author trying to find your best buyers and produce results with not a lot of effort then you’re going to want to check this out.

If you sign up now as one of our Mastermind founder members, then not only do you get the best price the membership will ever be, but you also get access to our Premium LinkedIn Marketing System valued at $500 per month for 3 months completely free!

Check out now to find out more and become a founder member!

So we have bundled all our stuff into 3 distinct levels into insanely low prices!   

The Mastermind level is strictly limited and we plan to increase the price substantially after we get our first round of members.

  • FreePreneur – this is your starter level and we have a lot of bonus material valued at thousands of dollars. We include various courses and workbooks plus a day pass to our Evolvepreneur Summit
  • Evolvepreneur – this is our first paid monthly level with extra bonuses valued at over $1,500 including ebooks and masterclasses.
  • Evolvepreneur Mastermind – our premium monthly level is designed to add over $15,000 worth of extra value including Q&A Calls, Access to our full mastermind course as well as LinkedIn Marketing Services valued alone at $500 per month.

So if you would like to join me and build a bigger and better 2021 please check out our new membership options, at the very least join at the free level and consider the paid ones after that.And if you have any questions at all about what is and how it could benefit you, just hit reply to this email and let me know and I’ll get right back to you.See you on the inside!

Talk soon,

John North

7 Time #1 International Best-Selling Author
USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

CEO – Evolvepreneur Pty Ltd

Some of Our Websites: 

Evolve Systems Group Pty Ltd  ABN: 51098121343  | PO Box 327 | Stanhope Gardens NSW Australia 2768 | 1300 889 383

Here is an example of what a typical entrepreneur needs in their business system to be successful in today’s highly-competitive marketplace:

  1. A great mobile-ready website that tightly integrates your podcast channel and blogs.
  2. Ability to email your subscribers when new content is available, such as your latest podcast.
  3. Create a highly-engaged community for your clients and prospects that can give them extra value behind a secure login.
  4. The ability for your visitors to buy your products/services on the same site and handle the delivery on whether to serve up a download or ship a physical product. Also, you may wish to have multiple payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal.
  5. They all end up in your back-end membership area, which includes all their invoices, downloads and bonus content. No fumbling around with separate websites and different logins!
  6. Ability to create a recurring membership system where you can charge them monthly, yearly, etc. 
  7. Courses where your members can learn online at their own pace. A course system allows them to progress as they do each lesson, not necessarily on a weekly release schedule where they could easily get behind and give up.
  8. What about assigning tasks and quizzes to your course? No longer do they need to download a worksheet PDF they never actually complete. You can see all their answers, which means you also know where they are at in the course schedule.  No one is left behind!
  9. This means you can also coach them based on their task list.
  10. Then, of course, you may want different front-end websites but don’t want to have them all operate in their own ecosystem. With Evolvepreneur, you can have as many front-end sites as you like and they all can lead back to one single back end community, meaning they are all a part of the same ecosystem.  
  11. What about a powerful analytics reporting system so you can see exactly where your web traffic is coming from and what they’re clicking on?
  12. single dashboard to run your business, know your marketing numbers, create content and manage your business.
  13. A business procedure system so your staff and outsourcers can run your processes the same way every time.
  14. A Customer Service system including a ticket system to track and ensure all your customers are provided quality service.
  15. Create an easy system for your referrers or affiliates to share your products and services and be rewarded.
  16. What if you wanted to create a mastermind group? Evolvepreneur has the ability to group people together and map out a logical progression and access to Q&A calls, group tasks, and results.
  17. A Marketing Module to trigger emails or actions based on your prospect’s behavior, as well as help them progress through your courses.
  18. project management system to help you and your team manage your own projects.

How long to do you think this would take to implement? Maybe a year! We have been there. It’s not easy, and we would probably have been forced to use 4-5 systems just to manage all of these different features.

But this is the vision for Evolvepreneur. In as little as 90 days, you will have a fully functional business system that would normally have taken years to create.

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All Secure Veterans Foundation

BEYOND THE BATTLEFIELD with Tom and Jen Satterly

Sargent Major Tom Satterly came home a soldier and continued to soldier in his home life, it was all he knew but it was not working it was destroying his home. Find more of his story here.

Once he realized that he had to change or lose everything, he along with his 4th wife Jen started a foundation to help veterans and their spouses reconnect with each other on the home front.



– Workshop Retreats for Special Operations combat warriors and their significant others lead by Tom and Jen Satterly, along with trauma and marriage therapist, Stacey Stone. 

– PTS Resiliency Training for Active Duty Special Operations Service Members

– Resources for SOF couples and their families healing from PTS and TBI.
Where people can directly find our services and sign up with you.

Facebook / Instagram

VIRAGO. A division of All Secure Foundation Empowering Women to help their Combat Warrior Heal from PTS

Facebook / Instagram



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Gina Gardiner

Imagine being paralyzed and having the strength and determination to come back from this, learning to walk again as an adult – twice and still achieve the top accolades of your profession. Gina Gardiner’s own story is one of powerful transformation. Genuinely-You Ltd is Gina’s business, providing compelling coaching and training. Her wide range of clients learn to be their genuine selves in work and life and to lead happier, more successful, more fulfilling lives.

Gina is bringing enlightened attitudes and behaviours to the topic of leadership. The Enlightened Leadership Programme provides the blueprint for achieving this soul-FULL leadership habit. Most leadership training is forgotten in a matter of months with delegates returning to habitual (bad) behaviour – The Enlightened Leadership Programme will change this and enable you to work better, live better and lead better for the rest of your life.


Is it a time of happy families, a season of peace and goodwill or a time of an all-out war or siege where you are trapped under fire with the stepchildren or and the Mother In Law?  Do you look forward to holidays or are you of the “humbug” persuasion?”

The holidays become a pressure cooker of old disappointments caused by a year on year failure in trying to live up to the fairytale ideal of playing happy families with the husband or wife, the children, in-laws, the stepchildren …

The financial cost can be crippling. The emotional cost even more costly. All the work is often left to the same people who end up feeling frazzled, tired and taken for granted.

And if that isn’t enough there are holidays where there is an even greater sense of dread because finding, buying and wrapping presents that people will like on your budget seems impossible.

Then there is all the food shopping and catering. This is tricky as you don’t know if you are catering for the hoards or just the two of you because no one is making a decision and you don’t want to start a family row.

Add the fact that you are working and don’t have enough time to do everything normally. It is no wonder that people go into overwhelm!

Or perhaps you are dreading the holidays because you are facing them on your own and hate the thought of being lonely.

Whatever your situation in my FREE “12 Days Of Holidays Survival Guide”  I’ll be sharing with you the approach and techniques I use myself and with clients to help manage the family holidays whether they are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Ramadanor  any other major family celebration.

So, if your whole holiday is taken up with shopping, cooking, hosting and clearing up. No sooner than you have the house straight it is time to go back to work. If you dread the family arguments, especially when these are fuelled by alcohol and close proximity.

If you find the pressure of  your children’s expectations for expensive presents difficult to manage. If you wonder how you are going to manage to pay the bills in January.

If in the past you find yourself under huge pressure and struggle with the workload the holidays with the family creates. If long after the holidays are over you are left struggling with disappointments, damaged relationships
and a shed load of debt.

It’s time to find a different way so you can look forward to enjoying the holidays.

I have recently created a complete 12 Day video guide and transcriptions to surviving the holidays and I want to give it to you completely free of charge as my special holiday gift.

Grab FREE Access to the 12 Days of Holidays Survival Guide

I hope you find it valuable and I look forward to hearing from you about your incredible holiday this year!

Talk soon,
Gina Gardiner xx

P.S.  I highly recommend joining our Facebook Group HERE  which is packed full of ideas and concepts to becoming Genuinely You!

unnamed (5)

This fast-evolving situation with COVID-19 is impacting each of us in different ways. It is now clear there will be a significant global recession. However, if you are willing to start new practices to grow and create resilience, partnerships, a side-business online, and/or more, then this opportunity is for You!

My colleague Sonia Ferrell is a bestselling author, Values coach, and Emotional Intelligence trainer. She is launching a FREE online series “Habits for Success”. Talk about good timing. Everyone can use new practices to create strength, money, faith, confidence, and more right now!

Many Businesses and Jobs are getting reduced by this pandemic. HOWEVER, even in these trying times Sonia is embracing the change, envisioning a great future, working online, and creating community!

You CAN turn people’s fear into purpose – you CAN create new practices to reduce the tension and start creating community, connection… and money! – it’s time to PIVOT now –

HABITS FOR SUCCESS is a FREE Series – successful influencers share strategies and the how’s to start creating a new business and a Positive Mindset (I’m one of the 20+ influencers!) offering more than 20 strategies to focus on What Matters Most to You… MINDSET, COMMUNITY, LEADERSHIP….

Remember, it’s FREE to sign up! ——> Click Here To Get Access:



Multiple No 1 International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Business, Empowerment and Relationship coach. 
All my books are available on Amazon:”Thriving Not Surviving – The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfillment””Chariots On Fire” “Kick Start Your Career” “Manage Your Staff More Effectively” “Live Well Eat well with Coeliac Disease”  Co-Author of World’s Renowned Bestselling Book: “The Change: Manifest Your Greatness Today Book 11” with Jim Britt (First mentor to Anthony Robbins) and Jim Lutes

Links to Gina’s Podcast: 

Gina’s YouTube Channel:



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Diane Shaver

1diane banner

Together we will change the world.  As each person awakens we move the total consciousness forward.

On the Transformations Show, I will be interviewing people who are doing their part to change the world for the better. They are people who had the courage of their convictions, the drive within them to do what they know they came here on this planet to do and the passion to see it through.  They are not different from you and me, they are committed. My wish is they inspire you to follow what you came here to do.  This time it is not one person who will lead us into change, it is many of us, each doing our small or large part.  A quote from my book, “How Life Works, “When you act from your heart, you are standing in your full strength. The heart is the place of wisdom, honor and courage.”  This is the time to open our hearts and trust what is within us and share it generously with the world.

It has been a long journey to get to this show.  I have always known what I am talking about here but have not always trusted and followed it.  When Sara opened up the door for me to do it, I came back to myself. I have successfully coached people for about twenty-six years.  Since I have been an entrepreneur for that long I coach entrepreneurs, but it’s not only about business, it’s about our development as people and business is the route many people take.  But to be successful at anything you have to know who you are which is the purpose of coaching. The people you’ll be meeting on  Transformations shows have had their own journey which they will share.  Now it’s time for you to start your journey.

Dianne holds a Masters’ degree in Human Development with a specialty in counseling and coaching and has coached entrepreneurs for over 26 years.  She has trained entrepreneurs to pitch to investors and has run many pitch events.  She has had a radio show interviewing entrepreneurs for 5 years and writes a weekly blog, Success Thoughts Blog


Dianne J. Shaver, M.A. Business Coach
Focused on helping:
Startups                                                      Existing Business with Heart and Consciousness

My specialty is working with Entrepreneurs with Heart as well as an informed focus on the bottom line.  This is a time for consciousness in business.

I’ll help you prove that profit and heart work well together.  This is a time for innovative businesses that address global issues.  I’ve learned from interviewing people all over the world on my radio show, Transformations, that there are many successful businesses doing just that and the number are growing. I want to help you add your business to that list.

I work with businesses anywhere in the world via Zoom



Dianne Shaver, M.A. Coach


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Dr Kitiboni Adderley

Dr Kitiboni Adderley, affectionately known as Kiti, is a holistic physiotherapist, health coach, educator, and mentor who focuses on cancer and diabetic rehabilitation. This dedicated professional has a magic touch, and combined with her knowledge and experience, makes her one of the best manual therapists in The Bahamas. She is highly trained in myofascial release and the McKenzie Method and is also certified in pregnancy massage and Kinesiotaping.

Kiti is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and a breast cancer and oncology rehabilitation specialist and is considered to be one of the leading physiotherapists in The Bahamas. She is also certified mastectomy breast prosthesis and bra fitter, as well as a custom compression garment fitter.

In 2004, Kiti opened Handling Your Health Wellness and Rehab where she is the senior physical therapist and has a dedicated team of therapists who provide a wholistic therapeutic approach to their patients.  Kiti believes that prevention is better than cure and that a wholesome approach of mind, body, nutrition, and spirituality play an important part in a patient’s progress. She has worked with athletes, children, the elderly and persons from all walks of life and her patients benefit from her caring and dedicated manner.  Kiti and her team would like people to make them a top choice when it comes to caring giving, recovery and wellness needs.

Their keen work with the lymphatic system, which tends to become compromised due to health issues common with cancer and diabetes, have set them apart from the ordinary. Handling Your Health Wellness and Rehab’s out-patient clinic develops and manages programs and therapies for those who have experienced post-mastectomy, or loss of limb, post-joint replacement, spinal surgery, traumatic injuries, chronic pain, and other serious conditions. Their work also includes sports therapy, home care and perinatal.

Prior to opening her rehabilitation business, Kiti spent four years under the tutelage of Erica Rolle as a Clinic Physical Therapist and workplace wellness educator at Doctor’s Hospital Health Care System in Nassau, Bahamas. There, she also worked in the in-patient setting with those who needed therapy for acute care, and for medical or surgical reasons, as well as in the outpatient setting, with those who had orthopaedic and neurological requirements.

Education and continuing education are paramount to Kitiboni Adderley. In 2000, she graduated from the University of The West Indies School of Physical Therapy in Jamaica and in 2017, she obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Utica College in Utica, New York. She has been a Certified Health Coach for the last five years.

Since 2000, she has attended numerous conferences and workshops locally and in the United States and is proud of her oncology training. She continues to dedicate her time and share her knowledge educating the public about wellness and how to manage chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Her podcast “H.E.A.R. (Health Education Awareness and Rehabilitation) Caribbean” highlights advice from medical and wellness professionals and education on various health concerns.

Kiti is a professional advisor of The Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation, the One Eleuthera Foundation and a Susan G Komen Breast Cancer educator. She has served as president of the Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists for four years and currently represents the Bahamas at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. She has worked with numerous National Sports Teams like Carifta, CAC and IAAF World Relays and has volunteered with the National Kingdor Parkinson Association.

Kiti’s memberships include The Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists, Jamaican Physiotherapy Association, American Academy of Physical Therapy, American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Health Policy & Administration Section- American Physical Therapy Association, Section on Women’s Health, Oncology section, American Telemedicine Association and Empowering a Billion Women by 2020.

Kiti is married and the mother of three daughters. She enjoys immersing herself in nature, travelling, experiencing other cultures, reading, cooking and crafting. Her quiet time is spent meditating or practising yoga.




You can learn more about Kitiboni Adderley on Linked In or follow her on Facebook.Dr. Kitiboni (Kiti) Adderley, PT, DPT, CLT, CKTI 

Doctor of Physical TherapyCertified Lymphedema TherapistCertified Kinesio Taping InstructorCertified Edema SpecialistHandling Your Health Wellness & RehabNassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242)322-5496
Fax: (242)322-5497Immediate Past PresidentBahamas Association of Physiotherapy

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Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Lynnis Woods-Mullins host of The Wellness Journey show and Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond Magazine and Vibe Living.

Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert and Certified Life Coach for women over 40. She’s the Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness -a mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women 40 and over on wellness. For 10 years Lynnis has educated and empowered Women over 40 on mind, body, spirit wellness through her coaching programs, e-books, DVDs, radio programs, webinars, her digital magazine, podcast programs, webcast series, and wellness retreats. She is a powerhouse of potently positive content and helpful strategies for women beyond 40! She provides education on holistic practices, fitness, nutrition, and spiritual renewal. Lynnis is the creator behind the Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond and VI.B.E. Living brands. She has more than 50-years’ experience in dance, is certified in Yoga and Pilates, and a published author, including “Power Up Super Women,” which she co-authored. Lynnis packs a major punch for women’s empowerment as she teaches and coaches women on how to lose weight during mid-life, reduce hot flashes, manage cortisol and other menopausal symptoms, and how to increase your focus, clarity and energy, and all that goes into aging gracefully. Lynnis is currently sponsoring a trip to Costa Rica! in late April of 2020 and is rolling out two new online programs on wellness for women over 40. “Tapping Your Way To Wellness” is her midlife wellness program that focuses on dropping unwanted inches and pounds through yoga, walking, meal planning and the art of tapping. Her “Emergence of The Total Woman” is a personal development program that focuses on removing the blocks that keep you from living a life that you love! Lynnis recently retired her 9-year-old show “The Wellness Journey” and just launched her latest podcast “V.I.B.E. Living” which is about living a thriving lifestyle after 40, 50, 60 and beyond. Lynnis is passionate about encouraging women over 40 to be empowered to move forward with optimism as they age. “It is never too late to make a lifestyle change, go after your dreams and to increase the joy in your life.” She lives in California with her husband Michael and has four adult daughters and 3 grandchildren.

For all her shows  



Check Out My New Book – Power Up Super Woman

V.I.B.E. Living Podcast – 

Emergence Encounter E-Learning Classes – 

Come To Costa Rica –

Wellness Woman Holistic Academy –

Wellness Woman 40 Group –

Wellness Woman Channel –

Twitter –


Pinterest –

Blessings and Health Always