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We are activating your unique Self Discovery one show at a time. 

The Orchard of wisdom Podcasts are at your fingertips, just waiting to inspire and invite you in discovering just how awesome you really are and how to navigate through life into joy, enrichment, and personal abundance. 

This is a temporary site while we finish our new platform which will have fuller details.

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Inspiring Guests

Sharing the wisdom and stories of courage strength and self-love is very fulfilling, come and join our purpose in getting the word out that change is possible and that coming together will heal not only us but the world.

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Community Mentors

With so many experts in so many fields that have been interviewed on Self Discovery Media Network,  we have created the Community Mentors Directory to spotlight their expertise for you. With so much incredible knowledge being shared from our podcasts, it was inevitable that building a Mentor’s directory would follow. We have shared there Why with you so you can resonate with them, here we share what they are doing to make others’ lives better…

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Actionism....the new Activism where we make necessary changes to serve humamimal and People, Planet in Productivity (5)

Sponsorship Opportunities

We know that sharing a story can be very empowering, and when that story is of strength and courage even more so. The best teachers are those that have made a journey into purpose through trial and tribulation.

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Guest Hosts

We are looking for people with interviewing experience to do some interviews across many genres. ALL YOU DO IS THE INTERVIEW and WE PAY YOU. Join our Mentors membership and have your own platform…

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Fund-Action Program (2)oreganoActionisim into Awesomeness. Supporting those in life’s transition with Our Fund-Action program.

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Sara Troy and Self Discovery Media are here to celebrate and support those making a difference in the lives of others.

Sara Troy is a Knowledge Sharer, she shares the wisdom that she has accumulated through her global Self Discovery podcasts from those who are making a positive difference in the lives of others. Her belief that someone else’s journey shared can inspire and invite us all on our own path to discover oneself and step into our own abundant gift that is waiting to serve our global humanity. 

This is what drives Sara, and the desire to see everyone discover just how awesome they are and to embrace their gift of self.

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Discovering Communities Mission oregano


When you share someone’s life journey on their own self-discovery, you have an abundance of wise knowledge at your fingertips. There are so many Communities waiting to be discovered that are sharing that wisdom and we have many of them right here on...

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Podcast Books

Our collaborative podcast- books help to raise money for the  Fund Action Program. These service subsidies the cost of the experts found in our Community Mentors directory, connecting them to those in transition who need a hand back up…

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Featured Shows

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Building Your Business (oregano

Business Coaching. Personal Branding. Entrepreneurism. Conscious Money

Through the years my hosts and I have had the privilege of covering many inspiring and informative shows on building one’s business.

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Human Beings are stepping into their own divine presence and awakening to the message of their hearts and souls. So many ways to connect with our hearts, it is as easy as stepping out of our minds into our hearts.

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Featured Mentors with their inspiring services.

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Self Discovery Media is the community channel that is serving those making and needing a difference in their lives in order to thrive. 



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