To Be Our Guest

Opportunity To Be Our Guest
Self Discovery is always looking for people who have a story that inspires us and services that enable mankind in embracing their true divine potential and inner loving beauty. 
We learn best from those who have journeyed before us and who have learned skills and tools and created programs that help others on their life’s journey. 
It may be a book, a story of courage and strength, health, spiritual/Quantum wisdom, business skills, and knowledge to guide humanity forward, we like help be the best we can be. 
Music, the Arts, Books, Coaching, Business, Children, Spirit, ALL Health, Mental, Physical, Addictions, Self Motivation, Conscious Business, and so much more, take a look at your Podcast lineup to see what we cover. 
Discovering Communities with Self Discovery Media Network is dedicated to your stories, your abundance that you share with the world, with a full library of wisdom here on Self Discovery Media, your show never dies and we will keep on nurturing it so all those who choose to hear it can. 
We do not charge our audience as we believe your wisdom should be free to them just like a library,  we have an Administrative fee in US dollars an interview to cover the production costs, this gives you your own blog posting with the audio (video) spotlighting with all your details, pictures, links, show content details, and the audio is on SoundCloud, Anchor, Itunes and Google Play Podbean and on our YouTube. You will always be in the genres show library. 
In order to bring you full coverage and true representation of your story on your show, we are asking for a small fee, if however, you are a charity or foundation but wish to pay it forward and you are filled with the wonderful knowledge our fee can be waived and will be subsidized from our Self Discovery Community,, but we ask you to respect the work and time that goes into your show now and it’s future. 

After you have shared your “Why” show where you have shared your journey to your awesomeness, come and join us as a Mentor and share your services with our audience.